Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Nalhatti Shakti Peeth

Nalhatti Shakti Peeth -

Nalateshwari Temple located in the Nalhati town of Birbhum district, is a nearby temple attraction to Tarapith. The town Nalhati is named after Nalateshwari temple, one of the 51 Sakti Peethas. It is only 16 km from Ram¬purhat. The town is sanctified by the river Brahmani and Maa Nalateshwari, the Holy Goddess. This temple is believed to be erected at a spot where the ‘Nala’, (Vocal chord with part of the tracheae), the throat of Goddess Sati (Sakti) had fallen .it is also believed that Debi’s ‘lalat’ (forehead) had fallen there. So she is called as ‘Nalateshwari’ .The temple is dedicated to the Kali form of Goddess Devi. It is located on a small & beautiful hillock. Rani Bhabani had built a small temple over the Peetha of Sri Parbati Mata, later on or about the 1890s Maharaja Ranajit Singha of Nashipur built the temple and Dharamshala as we see it today.

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