Monday, October 12, 2015

Girija Devi(Birija Devi) Shakti Peeth Orissa

Girija Devi(Birija Devi)Shakti Peeth Orissa - Nabhi Gaya

Girija Devi is one of the Important Sakthi Peeth, in Hindu Mythological Puranas. Its a 11th Sakthipeeth in India. Its located in Jajipur, Near Cuttack in Orissa State. The temple is located 100KM from Cuttack, and 2KMS for Jajpur Bustand. Maa Girija Devi is also called as Birija Devi or Virija Devi. Our Purans told that Sathi Devi Ambillical Part has fell down here.
His temple is Famous for Shrada Karmas. Lord Sri Maha Vishnu Killed Gayasura. Gayasura navel part is located in this area, because of that, this temple is called for Nabhi Gaya. In Krutha Yuga Lord Vishnu kílled Gayasura by performing Yagna on his heart, Gayasuras feet were in Pada Gaya, Pitapuram. Navel in Nabhi Gaya (Oddhyana peetha) and head at Siro Gaya (Gaya). These three places are important for performing Shraddha Karmas.

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