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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Culture And Tradition

Culture is the most essential part of every tradition. India is well-known for its unity and diversity. We have faith in religious systems. This faith leads to surrendering deities, avatars and methods. Festivals are celebrated which keep intact the traditions. There are customs which are followed and evolved in due course of time. We see that different cultures influence each other. We are taking good things from one another. We celebrate through our rites and rituals. We come together to create a gestalt of festive spirit and sing songs, perform traditional dances, enjoy the ethnicity. We prepare nice food and cherish the role of gourmets. We purchase new clothes and celebrate novel trends and adopt the new ways and means to connect with each other. We get connected with the family, friends and neighbors. We go in temples and offer food to deities. We pray to them, take vows and surrender greater power for our well being. We get blessing from elders. We celebrate our existence by protecting our culture.
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