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Beautiful Photos Collection Of God Kalbairaveshwara Temple, Karnataka

Beautiful Hoysaleshvara Temple Photo Gallery

Hoysaleswara Temple is one amongst the largest shrines that are dedicated to Lord Shiva in South India. In the 12th century, the temple was built during the rule of King Vishnuvardhana of Hoysala Empire. It is believed that the temple derived its name from Vishnuvardhana Hoysaleswara, the presiding ruler in those times. Hoysaleswara Temple has two shrines, one dedicated to Hoysaleswara and another for Shantaleswara (named after Shantala Devi, queen of King Vishnuvardhana). Standing on a raised platform, the temple is made out of Chloritic Schist (Soapstone, also known as potstone). Both of the shrines are located next to each other, facing the east direction. The shrine comprises the Shiva lingam (phallic form of Lord Shiva), the universal symbol of Lord Shiva.

The Kedareshwara temple is Trikutachala built by Ballala II and his consort Abhinava Ketala Devi in 1219. Hoysaleshwara and Shanthaleswara temples were built by Ketamala to attributed Vishnuvardhana, the Hoysala ruler. It enshrines Hoysaleswara and Shantaleswara, named after the temple builder Vishnuvardhana Hoysala and his wife, Queen Shantala. Halebidu temple complex with Hoysaleshwara and Shanthaleswara temples has four entrances which are elegantly wrought with beautiful sculptured lintels, and the temples are cross shaped joined at their inner arms. The outer walls of Hoysaleshwara temple have a marvelous display of art, superb bracket figures and typical Hoysala features. This is the largest existing structure of Hoysala times built by Kedaraja, the master builder of Hoysala period. The walls of the temple are covered with an endless variety of depictions from Hindu mythology, animals, birds and Shilabalikas or dancing figures. Yet no two sculptures of the temple are the same. Soap stone or Chloritic Schist was used for the construction of these temples. This magnificent temple guarded by a monolithic Nandi Bull was never completed, despite 86 years of labor going into it. Number of sculptures in the temple has been destructed by invaders. In front of these temples there is a big lake. The town had got its name from the lake, Dhwara samudhra which means entrance from the ocean.

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Beautiful Tara Devi Temple Wallpapers

This temple was built around 250 years ago. Legend has it that from the eastern Indian state of West Bengal, Goddess Tara Devi was brought to Himachal Pradesh. The then king of the Sen dynasty visited Himachal Pradesh. He had a habit of carrying his family idol in his arm. One fine day, Raja Bhupendra Sen while hunting, fell asleep and in his dream he saw his family deity requesting him to unveil her before the common population. Because of this dream, the Raja donated 50 bighas of land and sponsored the construction of a temple in that land.

Beautiful Wallpapers Of Kanak Durga Temple Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh

Kanaka Durga Temple is a famous Hindu Temple of Goddess Kanaka Durga located in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh. The temple is located on the Indrakeeladri hill, on the banks of Krishna River.

Beautiful Bableshwari Devi Temple Pictures Gallery Dongargarh

2200 years ago the place of Dongargarh was a fairly renounced territory named Kamavati which was ruled by Maharaja Kamsen also called Kamakhya Nagri. When the Raja’s Queen gave birth to a son they named him Madansen. Since Raja Veersen considered it a blessing of Lord Shiva and Parvati he constructed the temple of Maa Bamleshwari at Dongargarh. The Raja Madansen had a son named Kamsen because of whom this area here became famous and came to be known as Kamakhaya Nagari. Then later a big battle had taken place between Raja Kamsen and Raja Vikramaditya, the reason being the love between Maadhavnal and Kaamkandla, which had led to the complete destruction of KamavatiI. Legend conveys that after the death of Maadhavnal and Kaamkandala, Raja Vikramaditya had felt guilty as he thought that he was responsible for Kaamkandala committing suicide. Then the Raja underwent deep anguish and started constant worship, resulting in Maa Bagulamukhi Devi appearing before him. Raja Vikramaditya then requested the goddess to make both Maadhavnal and Kaamkandala alive again and also asked Maa Bagulamukhi Devi to reside at the temple. Since then it has been believed that Maa Bagulamukhi Devi is present here. As time passed by the years the name got transformed from Maa Bagulamukhi to Maa Bamlai to Maa Bamleshwari as it has been known today.

Beautiful Adhar Devi Temple Pictures

Situated in a cave, The Adhar Devi Temple is one of the popular religious themed Tourist Destinations In The Mount Abu Region. It is situated three kilometers north of the main town of Mount Abu. The Adhar Devi Temple is reached by climbing up 365 stairs carved into the mountain. The temple itself is located inside a rocky cleave and is reached by crawling through a small opening into the cave. The Adhar Devi Temple is dedicated to the Goddess Durga. It got its name because the legend has it that "Adhar" of the Mataji (Goddess deity) fell here also it was believed that the image of the goddess could be found there hanging in mid air. As well as being a popular tourist destination, the Adhar Devi Temple is also a common destination for many religion pilgrimages The Adhar Devi temple receives most pilgrims during the 9 days of the holy Navratri season. The Adhar Devi temple contains many beautiful statues, and those that make the effort to climb the stairs are rewarded with many picturesque views of the surrounding mountains and forests. The climb up to the Adhar Devi temple can be a difficult one so it is recommended that you wear appropriate clothing and footwear. You should not be turned off by this walk as the scenic views surrounding the temple and the wondrous beauty inside make this climb worth the effort.

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Sri Manjunatheshwara Temple Pictures Gallery

One of Karnataka's most renowned landmark of piety and devotion, Sri Manjunatheshwara Temple of Dharmasthala is thronged by thousands of pilgrims every day. This famed centre of charity and divine justice, where every devotee partakes of generous hospitality irrespective of caste or creed distinctions, has grown into legendary proportions because of its multifarious socio-economic programs. The temple town nestles amidst picturesque Western Ghats, beside River Nethravathi in Belthangady Taluk and is within easy accesibilty of Mangalore and Udupi. Sri Manjunatheshwara Temple is devoted to Shiva and houses a lingam of gold.

Sri Krishna Mutt Temple, Udupi Beautiful Pictures Gallery

Udupi 60 Kms north of Mangalore is the seat of Lord Krishna, considered to be one of the holiest places for pilgrimage in southern India. Here there is a holy temple of Sri Krishna and this is the birthplace of Sri Madhwacharya, founder of Dwaita Philosophy and one of the three great Acharyas, he is reputed to have discovered the idol of Shri Krishna from a ship, which he saved miraculously from the clutches of fatal storm breeding on the sea at Malpe. One day when he was performing his morning prayers on the Malpe shore, he found that a ship sailing in the sea, was in danger owing to rough weather, Sri Madhwacharya with his divine power was able to control the rough weather. Miraculously and to the utter astonishment of the captain and the crew of the ship, the weather became calm, and the ship, that was a few minutes before, found to be on the verge of destruction, unknowingly reached the Malpe shore on its own accord. The captain of the ship saw Sri Madhwacharya standing and holding his loincloth in the direction of the wind, in deep meditations. The captain, considering his greatness offered all the cargo, in return for the help rendered. Sri Madhwacharya refused to accept anything, except two big pieces of Gopichandan, which he knew, contained the images of Lord Krishna and Sri Balarama. The images of Lord Krishna is the same that can be seen in the Sri Krishna Temple at Udupi and the image of Sri Balarama can be seen at Vadabhandeshwara Malpe. Sri Madhwacharya, who is considered as an incarnation of Vayu Devata, organized eight mutts at Udupi for the worship of Lord. Once in two years the Pariyaya festival will be held in the middle of January when the worship of Krishna passes from one mutt to another when disciples of the Madhwa seat congregate from all parts of India.

Shri Chamundeshwari Temple , Mysore, Karnataka Beautiful Pictures

Shri Chamundeshwari Temple at Mysore in Karnataka state is very elegant at its architectural structure situated about 13 km from Mysore city on the top of Chamundi Hills. The temple of Chamundeshwari constitutes about one thousand steps to the hill. Chamundeshwari Temple belongs to 12th century date built by Hoysalas while the temple tower built by Vijayanagar kings which has 300 years old history. The Chamundeshwari Temple enshrines goddess Durga as Chamundi form of her. Earlier the hill was called as Mahabala Parvata but due to the deity Chamundi the hill named as Chamundi hill. The Chamundeshwari Temple has fine quadrangular structure of Dravidian style of architecture. The temple of Chamundeshwari has seven storeys of about 40 mt high gopuras at the entrance with exquisite carvings. Chamundeshwari Temple as it belongs to 12thcentury was a small temple then later it was built as a huge temple by Hoysalas. In ancient days human and animal sacrifices were made regularly at this temple, but was stopped in the 18th century. When Mysore Maharajas ruled the state they made expansions to the Chamundeshwari Temple and it has become a big temple in Karnataka. The history behind the Chamundeshwari Temple is that goddess Chamundeshwari killed demon Mahishasura at the top of Chamundi hill and saved Mysore. And so goddess Chamundeshwari is referred as the goddess of Mysore along with the name of the city of Mysore.
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