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Kamakhya Temple Assam Best Images

The Kamakhya Temple in Assam is one of the most venerated Shakti shrines in India. Kamakhya is located on a hill - Neelachala Parvat or Kamagiri near the city of Guwahati in Assam. Shakti, residing on the Kamagiri hill is known as Kamakhya, the granter of desires. Assam traditionally has been known as the Kamarupa Desa and has been associated with Tantric practices and Shakti worship. The place where the uterus of Sati fell was not known till Kamadeva, the God of love, searched it out to rid himself of a curse by Brahma. He regained his rupa (beauty) here after worshiping in this peetha. Since Kamadeva regained his rupa here the entire place is called Kamarupa (Kamrup) and the deity is known as Kamakhya or one worshipped by Kama. The Kamakhya Temple, which is situated high up on a hill called Neelachal Parbat or Kamagiri in the city of Guwahati, is one of its several religious landmarks, which speaks volumes about the rich historical treasure over which the state of Assam is settled. This sacred temple in the heart of the capital city of Assam holds more than it meets the eye of the spectator. The Kamakhya Temple had been built in admiration to Goddess Kamakhya or Sati, who was one of the numerous incarnations of Goddess Durga or Goddess Shakti. Apart from Ten Mahavidya temples, there are shiva temples also there named Kotilinga Mahadev, Kameshwar Mahadev, Sidheswra Mahadev but not in idol form. So here yoni and linga is worshipped which is must in Tantric pooja. So it is very popular saying that no tantric is complete without visiting the Kamkhya Temple. Since this is the most powerful tantric peeth, animal sacrifices is a must for getting tantric siddhis. Animals includes male small goats, buffalo etc The temple attracts lacs & lacs of tantric devotees in an annual festivals known as Ambubachi Mela, Manasha Puja etc.
Kamakhya Devi Images

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Best Wallpapers Gallery Of Goddess Mahalaxmi Part II

Mata Parvati Beautiful Images Gallery

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Mumba Devi Mandir Best Images Collection

Mumba Devi Temple is a renowned holy place of Mumbai in Maharashtra. Located at Bhuleshwar, the temple is dedicated to the Goddess Mumba. Actually, the term 'Mumbai' for the city has been derived from 'Mumba Devi'. Mumba Devi is regarded as 'Shakti' and people worship her with full devotion. Initially, the temple was erected at Bori Bunder, which presently makes the site of Victoria Terminus. In the main shrine, the idol of Mumba Devi appears majestic clad in rich clothes with a silver crown, a nose stud and a golden necklace. The altar is always festooned with garlands of marigold flower. On the left, one can see Goddess Annapurna mounted on a Peacock. In front of Mumba Devi, there is a tiger that makes the mount of the goddess. The Goddess is without mouth symbolizing the Mother Earth. Mumba Devi, in this form, is revered by the Dravidians of the western and the southern part of India. In the temple complex, there are other shrines that are dedicated to aLord Ganesh, Maruti, Mahadev, Indrayani, Murlidhar, Jagannath, Narsoba and Balaji respectively.

Mumba Devi is said to be patron deity of Koli fisherman, the original residents of Mumbai. In the present day, the temple stands amidst the crowded markets of steel and cloth in south Mumbai. In the vicinity of the temple, there are many shops, where flowers of different types are available. The temple is closed on Mondays. People come to Mumba Devi Mandir to seek the blessings of the Goddess.

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Lord Amruteshwara Temple, Chikmagalur, Karnataka

The Amrutesvara temple a hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva located in Amruthapura, a town which is 67 km north of Chikmagalur town in Chikmagalur District, Karnataka state, India. Amrutesvara and Sharadha Devi Temple is built during Hoysala period.
The rise of the Hoysalas to power in the 11th - 12th centuries created many important towns and cities (nagara) along the malnad regions of present day Karnataka. The Hoysalas built many ornate temples in this region and it is not uncommon to find them spaced very short distances from each other.
The Saligrama Shivalinga present at this place is brought from Gandaki river of Nepal.
Here there is an idol of Sri Sharada Devi that is considered to be very powerful. There is an idol of Lord Shiva (Amrutheswara) in the same temple. He has to be prayed first and then we have to pray to the Goddess. This idol is made of Spatika stone and is considered a Trimurti ie all three Gods Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva reside in the Lingam. Lord Amruteshwara Images

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Chintpurni Shakti Peeth, Himachal Pradesh

Chintpurni is a famous pilgrimage and one of the Shakti Peethas in India. Chintpurni is situated at the altitude of 940 metres and is part, Una district, Himachal Pradesh. The temple is situated on one of the highest peaks of the Sola Singhi range of hills. It is about 3 km west of Bharwain which is located on the Hoshiarpur - Dharmashala road.
Chhin-Mastika -It is said that a devotee named Mayidass, who was an ardent devotee of Goddess Durga, disco- vered this spot. As per the old myth, Mayidas was born in village Athar (District Patiala of Punjab). His father had three sons and Mayidass happened to be the youngest one. Like his father, Mayidas used to spend much of his time in the worship of mother goddess. Due to this he was not able to help in the family business. Owing to this aversion to business, his brothers separated from him. One day, while going to his inlaws house, he sat to rest, under a banyan tree, Mayidass fell asleep. While sleeping he dreamt a divine giri full of radiance and blazing. The divine girl ordered Mayidass to built a temple at the same spot and she said she is staying under the tree in "Pindi- Rupa.' and known as Chhin-Mastika.

Jwalamukhi Tripurasundari Temple Mysore

The ancient temple of Jwalamukhi Tripurasundari is built in Uthanahalli, Mysore at the foot of Chamundi Hills. She is believed to be the sister of Goddess Chamundeshwari, the presiding deity of Chamundi hills temple. Jwalamukhi Tripura Sundari temple is approximately 6 kilometers from the center of Mysore and is 3 kms from Chamundeshwari temple atop the hills. Jwalamukhi means a person with energy of fire and some believe that she represents the flaming mouth of Jalandhara, the demon whom Lord Shiva crushed to death using huge masses of mountains. Tripura Sundari means beauty of the three worlds.

The temple idol was installed during the rule of the Wodeyars. Now, a new courtyard is built all around the temple to protect it. Tourists and devotees throng the temple for darshan/blessings.

Shri Swaminarayana Temple, Vadtal, Gujrat

Vadtal, a beautiful village situated in the Anand district of Gujarat is popular for being the home for famous Swaminarayan Temple. The temple comprises of three striking shrines with finely constructed idols of Shri Radha Krishna on the right, supreme power Shri Harkrishna at the center and Shri Vasudev towards the left. This temple having lotus formed plinth is an extraordinary building example. The nine vaults on the temple worships the height of the temple. The temple was inched toward getting developed under the capable direction of Sadguru Shree Brahmanand Swami. The mainstays of the temple bear bright stone carvings. The development-work was finished inside simply fifteen months by the grace of Bhagwan Swaminarayan. The dividers of the temple are finished with vivid representations from the Ramayana.

Shri Swaminarayana Temple Images

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Umanand Temple , Guwahati

Lord Shiva is reported to have strewn the Vibhuthi, Holy Ashes here imparted Wisdom to Parvati and sat in meditation.
According to the Kalika Purana, in the beginning of the creation Siva sprinkled ashes (bhasma) at this place and imparted knowledge to Parvati (his consort). It is said that, when Siva was in meditation on this hillock, Kamadeva interrupted his yoga and was therefore burnt to ashes by the fire of Siva’s anger and hence the hillock got the name Bhasmacala.
This mountain is also called Bhasmakuta. The Kalika Purana states that Urvasikunda is situated here and here resides the goddess Urvasi who brings Amrit (nectar) for the enjoyment of Kamakhya and hence the island got the name Urvasi Island.
The presiding deity of the temple is Umananda (Tatrasti bhagavan sambhu- ruma- nandakarah Prabhu). It is believed that, worship here on the Amavasya day when it falls on Monday brings the highest bliss. The Siva Chaturdasi is the most colourful festival that is held here annually. Many devotees come to the temple on this occasion for the worship of the deity.

Sri Laxmi Kubera Temple, Rathinamangalam

Viswara is the son of Creator Brhamma and the daughter of Tiruvanavindhu. Kubera is the son of Viswara. Ravana is the son of his step-mother. The original king of Lanka was Kubera. Ravana later usurped the Lanka kingdom from Kubera. The aircraft of Kubera, the Pushpaka would be spilling precious stones at all places while in flight. It is said that Ravana had to face problems only after the exit of Kubera. Kubera was a staunch Shiva devotee. Pleased with his penance, Lord Shiva along with Mother Parvathi graced His darshan. Seeing Parvathi, Kubera felt that he had not worshipped so beautiful a Goodess like Parvathi when one of his eyes beat softly and stopped. Exasperated Parvathi caused his eye burst. Kubera lost an eye. When he begged the mother to pardon, She graciously did so but said that the vision would not be restored. Yet Lord Shiva replaced it with a small eye. He also lauded his penance and appointed him as the head of the Northern direction. Lakshmidevi appointed him as the custodian of food grains. It should be understood that Kubera is not the owner of wealth and food grains but only a custodian. His job is to ensure their security. Giver is Mother Lakshmi.

Arasuri Ammaji Temple Gujrat

Ambaji mata temple is a major Shakti Peeth of India. It is situated at a distance of approximately 65 kilometres from Palanpur, 45 kilometres from Mount Abu and 20 kilometres from Abu Road and 185 kilometres from Ahmedabad 50 kilometer from Kadiyadra near the Gujarat and Rajasthan border.
In the holy temple of “Arasuri Ambaji”, there is no image or statue of goddess the holy “Shree Visa Yantra” is worshiped as the main deity. No one can see the Yantra with naked eye. The photography of the Yantra is prohibited.
The original seat of Ambaji mata is on gabbar hilltop in the town. A large number of devotees visit the temple every year specially on Purnima days.
Arasuri Ammaji Temple Images

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