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Kiriteshwari Shakti Peeth

Kiriteshwari, Kiritkona, Mukuteshwari

Kiriteshwari or Kiritkona also known as Mukuteshwari One of the 51 Shaktipithas where the Kirit (the crown or headdress) of Goddess Sati have fallen. Here the worship idols are – Devi as Vimala and Lord Shiva as Sangbarta. Maa Kiriteshwari’s temple is main temple in the town. The unique feature of the temple is the absence of any image or deity. The red colored stone which is supposed to be the symbolic representation of the Goddess is covered by a red veil the year through.

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Goddess Durga Mata Born Story, Images

The story of the Birth of Durga Devi is linked with the slaying of Demon Mahsasura .

Mahisasura was the Lord of the Asuras. There was an ongoing war between the devas and asuras for years and years . After defeating all the devas includng Lord Inra , Mahisasura became the Lord of Heaven .

Lord Brhama could not tolerate the havoc and atrocities committed by Demong king Mahisasura and therefore Brahma approached Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu for help. On hearing the various tales of atrocities committed by Demon Mahisasura from Brahma and other devas , Lord and lord Siva got angry and distraught .

Here in the following verse is Described how A 'light' emanated in the form of Goddess Durga - please read the poetic description of this all pervading Light!

" Born out of the bodies of all the Gods,
that unique efflugence, combined into a mass of light,
took the form of a woman,
pervading the triple worlds with its lustre.

In that efflugence, the light of Shiva formed the face.
The Tresses were formed from the light of Yama and
the arms from the light of Vishnu Bhagwan

The two breasts were formed
from the moon's (Somanath's) light,
the waist from the light of Indra,
the legs and thighs from the light of Varun , and hips from the light of the Earth (Bhoodev)

The feet from the light of Brahma
and the toes from Surya's (sun) light,
the fingers of the hand
from the light of the Vasus(the children of Ganga
and the nose from the light of Kuber .

The teeth were formed from the light of Prajapati, the lord of beings; likewise the Triad of her eyes was born from the Light of Agni (fire)
two Sandhyas (sunrise and sunset);
the ears from the light of the wind(Vayu).
From the lights of other gods as well,
the auspicious goddess was born. "

Shiva ( Pinakapaani) gave Goddess Durga his weapon Trident; (Chakrapaani) presented His (chakra) to Her; Varuna Gave Her A Conch ; Agni Gave Her A Spear t presented it to her; and Vishnu bringing forth a discus out of his own discus gave her. Varuna gave her a conch, Agni a spear; and Maruta gave a bow as well as two quivers full of arrows.

Indra, lord of devas, gave Goddess Durga (his own) thunderbolt and a bell from that of his elephant Airavata. Yama gave a staff from his own staff of Death and Varuna, the lord of waters, a noose; and Brahma, the lord of beings, gave a string of beads and a water- pot.Kuber gave her the Mace . Kala gave Her the sword and Parsurama , the Axe!

Durga 's mouunt was Lion ! Thus , Goddess Durga also known as Simhavahini was born. Thus , Durga , a Goddess of Radiant beauty and invicible power was born ! mighty weapons.

Mahisasur was totally captivated by Durga's dazzling beauty and asked Durga to marry him. Devi challenged him to a fight and she would marry Mahisa only if he defeated her in battle.

For nine days a fierce battle was fought. Mahisa changes forms many times from Buffalo to Lion to man to elephant every time putting up a great fight. But Durga's infinite power (shakti) was finally able to pin down Mahisa 's buffalo form beneath her foot and she thrusts her spear into his heart and her mighty sword cuts his head into two while her mount lion (tiger) attacks mahisa's groins!

Attend any Durga puja ( held by Bengalees) in your area, This imagery is very powerful as well as very symbolic - the triumph of Good over evil. And along with Durga Mata we are also saluting the Demon Mahisasur under her feet. Yes, when slain by the great goddess Durga, Mahisasur attained Moksha or salvation.

Each weapon in Durga's 10 arms ( eight handed durga is also popular) is symbolic of something more significant.( this will be explained another time. )

Wht does Mahisasur stand for - a real demon? or demonic tendency? . The head is the 'ego' in a man/woman. Ahamkar- refusal to bow down to anyone - superior wisdom.

Have you ever seen a buffalo in India - it is very stubborn - once it sits down, it refuses to get up . Such is a man/woman's Ego.

Also, when someone is ignorant, we say 'kala akshar bhains barabar' that is all black letters are represntative of a buffalo-that is he/she is an ignorant fool.

Mahisa had all thse tamasic qualities- arrogance, ahamkar (false pride), ignorance , . lust (Moha for the beautiful form of Durga) and uncontollable anger ... and he was mighty destructive too!

If YOU read the saptashati, you will notice that Mahishasura's mighty form trampled the earth , his Heavy breaths tossed mountains into the air, his lashing tail causes the oceans to overflow, and above all his sharp horns tore the gently floating clouds to shreds.

In fact, MahiSAsur was nothing short of a major Tsunami, in modern parlance .

The victory of Durga is the victory of the all that is Good over all that is evil !!!

Mahishasura nirnaashi bhaktaanaam sukhade namah Rupam dehi jayam dehi yasho dehi dvisho jahi

Goddess Adi Parashakti Images, Photos

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Goddess Sati Born Story

Once, Lord Siva was involved in a tough meditation. At that time, BrahmaDev appeared where Siva was meditating. KamDev was also there. Brahmav said, " Son, don't you see Siva is concentrating in this mediatation for years. You should find a way to make him retreat from the meditation." KamDev replied,"Father, Even my job is that. But you should do a help for me. Please create a beautiful girl. I will do the rest of the job."

Brahma created Vasanth and Malayanil. They both became KamDev's assistants. With the assistance of Vasanth and Malayanil, KamDev tried to wake Siva up. But all the efforts were in vain.

Finally, depressed Malayanil withdrawn from the operation. BrahmaDev went sad hearing this. The air which came from the depressed face of BrahmaDev turned into arrows. He gave all those arrows to KamDev to use it as weapon of love and adviced him to use it to wake Siva.

KamDev with his new weapons came near Lord Siva. He started to shoot arrows one by one. Yet, nothing happened. Defeated and resigned, KamDev went to BrahmaDev and conveyed his apologies.

Being lost to all chances, sad BrahmaDev started to pray Hari. At that very moment, Hari appeared in front of BrahmaDev.

"Hey BrahmaDev ! What made you this much unhappy? What made you pray me? Why is your face so depressed? I will do what is necessary."

BrahmaDev requested," Oh Vishnu Deva ! Lord Siva is deep meditating, unaware of what happening outside. The only way to wake him up is by making him fall in love with anyone. I done my best to do that with the help of my son. But all our efforts didn't payed off. That made me unhappy. I will be glad if you somehow do the job successfully."

Vishnu smiled and said,"Hey BrahmaDev ! I only see one way to complete your wish. You should pray to Lord Siva himself. If you pray him, he will be very happy and will be glad to grant your wish. Furthermore, with that wish is in your mind, pray Devi Para Sakti. She will born as a daughter of anyone in the earth and she will marry Lord Siva. It will not end with this. You should motivate Daksha too in this matter. Tell him to meditate to get Devi Para Sakti as daughter." Lord Vishnu disappeared after saying all these. BrahmaDev being satisfied, went to visit Daksha immideatly. While Emperor Daksha was sitting in the throne of his palace, BrahmaDev appeared.

"Son Daksha ! You have to meditate immediately to Devi Para Shakti to be born as your daughter."BrahmaDev said. By hearing this, Daksha with his wife prayed to only Devi ParaSakti in mind while deep meditating. Their meditation lasted for 3000 years. Satisfied by the couple's deep meditation, Devi ParaSakti appeared before them.

Daksha said,"Mother of the Universe ! Grant us a wish"

Devi replied," Daksha ! I am very much happy with your meditation. Do you have any wish? Ask for what you want."

Daksha with his wife said,"Incredible Devi ! My Dev Lord Siva incarnated from BrahmaDev in the name of Rudra. You haven't made any incarnation yet. Therefore, Lord Siva is without a wife. So, can you be born as my daughter in earth. This is not my wish only. Every Devas and Rishis are wishing for this too. Therefore, Devi Mother ! I request you to grand our wish and bless us."

After listening to what Daksha had to say, Devi replied," I will be born as your daughter as you wish. Then I'll be in a long and tough meditation and after that I'll accept Siva as my husband. But all this under one condition. You should listen it carefully"

" When you loose the respect on me, on that very moment, I will pass away from my body and join Parabrahma. You should always remember this."After saying all this, Devi ParaSakti blessed Daksha and his wife and disappeared.

60 daughters were born to Daksha and his wife. All of them were married to the deserved men. 10 of his daughters were married to Dharman, 13 were married to Kashyap, 27 were married to Chandra(Moon), Bhootan, Anguirass, Krishashwan were married to two each. The 4 daughters left were married to Tarkshya. Their generations were later became the population in the earth.Then, Daksha with his wife prayed for Devi ParaSakti again and as a result Sati was born.

After many years, BrahmaDev with Narada visited Daksha's palace to see Sati. Daksha was glad to see his father and brother. Sati came and respectfully bowed her head and touched the feet of her grandfather BrahmaDev. He raised her up and said," Hey Sati ! The secret wish that you hidden in your mind for all these years is going to happen. LokNath Lord Mahadeva will become your husband. He will not accept anyone else than you to be his wife. He is waiting for you right now. Therefore my child ! There is no need to be anxious." After a while, BrahmaDev and Narada left the palace. Hearing all these, Daksha and Sati was very happy.

Many years has passed. Sati became a beautiful teenager. By witnessing her beauty, Daksha thought," How can i allow this world beautiful girl, Sati to marry a man always wearing tiger's fur and looks like an animal. He is no match for my daughter." Daksha became anxious. By knowing her father's wish, Sati told her mother," Mother! Being a Lord ShivaSankar devotee, i wish to meditate to charm Mahadeva. Please give me the permission to do this." Her mother allowed her to meditate after confirming that Lord Siva is the perfect husband for Sati.

By getting the permission of her mother, Sati prayed Lord Siva and started to meditate. Sati spend her time day and night by doing puja to Lord Siva. People from different places came to see her praying to Mahadeva. But Sati didn't know anything happening outside. She was always concentrating on the prayer and meditation. By seeing this, all Devas went to Kailas to visit Lord Siva. After that, everyone said," Namo Namastey Lord Mahadeva ! We pray to you." After listening to what all Devas have to say including Brahmav and Vishnu, Lord Siva replied," Hey Hare ! Hey Vidhatave ! Hey Devas ! What is the reason behind the visit of all of you. I see something special in this visit. Tell me the reason behind your visit."

As Mahadev asked for the reason, Brahmav replied," Hey LokNath ! We all came here to remind you about an important thing. As I do my duty of creation with the help of Hari, the number of Asuras in the world is now expanding. Their sins are now increasing. Without destroying them imagine what happens. You are the only person who can carry on with that duty. There is no one to help you. There should be someone with the power of destruction after you. Even though we are all one, we have different duties. I look after creation and Vishnu look after protection after your suggestion. We both have wives. But you should not live alone like this. It is not apropriate. So, to make all Devas and living beings happy you should be married. Therfore, please accept a beautiful girl as your wife."

After listening to BrahmaDev, Siva smiled and replied," Hey Vishnu, BrahmaDev ! You two are my favorites. What you have said was very important. I will do what you said. But, it is not appropriate to a man like me to marry. I am always meditating. So what is the point in having a wife? I have no interest in marriage but for the world's sake I will marry.

I am ready to be married. But under one condition. I will only marry to a women who can incarnate into different persons. Whenever I meditate, she should also meditate. She should also not become a disturbance to my ideals. If anything like that happens, she will not live any more. Therefore, give me a bride who supports my ideals and follow my words."

Vishnu and Brahmav became happy by hearing this. BrahmaDev said," Oh Mahadeva! We have already found a suitable bride for you. She is the incarnation of Devi ParaSakti. Her name is Sati. She is the perfect match for you. She is now meditating to be your wife. Therefore Sada Siva ! You should bless her and marry. Her wish should be granted. This is what we all Devas wish for. So, there should be happiness in the three worlds."

Vishnu also conveyed the same opinion. Siva understood the importance of this matter. He blessed all Devas and decided to marry Sati.

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Artistic Pictures Of Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha Birth Story

Once, while Goddess Parvati wanted to take a bath, there were no attendants around to guard her and stop anyone from accidentally entering the house. Hence she created an image of a boy out of paste which she prepared to cleanse her body, and infused life into it, and thus Ganesha was born. Parvati ordered Ganesha not to allow anyone to enter the house, and Ganesha obediently followed his mother's orders. After a while Lord Shiva returned from outside, and as he tried to enter the house, Ganesha stopped him. Shiva was furious at this strange little boy who dared to challenge him. He told Ganesha that he was Parvati's husband, and demanded that Ganesha let him go in. But Ganesha refused to hear him. Shiva lost his patience and had a fierce battle with Ganesha. At last he severed Ganesha's head with his Trishula. When Parvati came out and saw her son's lifeless body, she was very angry and sad. She demanded that Shiva restore Ganesha's life at once.
Unfortunately, Shiva's Trishula was so powerful that it had hurled Ganesha's head very far off. All attempts to find the head were in vain. As a last resort, Shiva approached Brahma who suggested that he replace Ganesha's head with the first living being that came his way which lay with its head facing north. Shiva then sent his disciples to find and take the head of whatever creature they happened to find asleep with its head facing north. They found a dying elephant which slept in this manner, and after its death took its head, attaching the elephant's head to Ganesha's body and bringing him back to life. From then on, he was called Ganapati, or head of the celestial armies, and was to be worshipped by everyone before beginning any activity.

Lord Ganesha Famouse Temples
Lord Ganesha Wallpapes, Images, Photos

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Lord Ganesha Marriage Story

In some Hindu cultures, Hindu God Ganesh is considered to be a bachelor. But there are some cultures in which he is a family man. Siddhi and Riddhi are the wives of Hindu God Ganesha. There is an interesting story which narrates how Ganesh Got Married. As Ganesha had an elephant-head no girl was ready to marry him. While all other gods had a consort he did not have one and this angered Ganesha. He started creating problems in the marriages of Devas (demigods). He asked rats to dig up holes on the path through which wedding procession of any Deva would go to the bride’s house.
The Devas faced innumerable problems in their weddings. Fed up with the activities of Ganesha, the Devas complained to Brahma, who agreed to solve the problem.

To please Ganesha, Brahma created two beautiful women named Riddhi (wealth and prosperity) and Siddhi (intellectual and spiritual powers). Brahma gave them in marriage to Ganesha.

From that day onwards whoever pleases Ganesha also gets the blessings of Siddhi and Riddhi.

Ganesha had two sons in Riddhi and Siddhi – Shubha (Auspiciousness) and Labha (Profit). Ganesha's daughter is Santoshi Mata (Goddess of Satisfaction).

Lord Shri Ganesha With Wife Riddhi Siddhi Images, Pictures

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Jyestha Gauri Images, Photos, Pictures

Significance Of Jyestha Gauri Poojan

Jyestha Gauri Puja is one of the most popular vrats observed in bhadrapada month in Maharashtra as per Marathi calendar. It is known as jyestha nakshatra; hence know as jyeshtha gauri vrata.Jyeshtha gauri puja is a three day vrata puja performed by married women, Special decorations are done and married women invite their relatives and neighbours’ to participate. In the puja haldi kumkum ceremony is an important event on that day. After haldi kum kum, they distribute several types of offering among themselves.

The idols of gauri are usually brought two days after the beginning of ganesha cahturthi. It is placed for three days, where first day is the avahan, on September 4, 2011, second day, is mainly jyeshtha gauri puja is on September 5, 2011, where some people perform satya narayan puja as well, and visarjan is On third day, that is September 6, 2011, where gauri is immersed in water. Legend has it those two sisters follow ganesha to the homes. Gauri puja is also considered as upasana of goddess lakshmi, in some regions.

It is said that, jyeshtha gauri who comes in search of Lord Ganesha is believed to bring auspiciousness and prosperity. Jyeshtha gauri puja avahan involves bringing of two idols of ganesha and a special puja is performed on that day, to welcome gauri and the puja is supposed to be held on the next day.It is believed that Goddess Gauri is another name of Goddess Parvati, the mother of ganesha.

Beautiful Images Of Jyeshta Gauri

Kali Gandaki River Images, Photos, Pictures

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