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Lord Hanuman HD Wallpapers Collection

Birth History Of Lord Hanumana

Once there was an Apsara named Anjana who descended on earth as she was tired with life in heaven. When on earth, she began wondering through the forests. Once she came across a monkey who was meditating in the forest.

2. Anjana was amused to see a meditating monkey and she laughed and ridiculed him. Moreover she also threw stones at this monkey which disturbed his meditation. Once the monkey woke up from his meditation, he was greatly angered and cursed Anjana.

3. The curse stated that Anjana would turn into a monkey herself. The curse could only be lifted if Anjana gave birth to an offspring of Lord Shiva. Anjana’s crime was disturbing a meditating sage; which was a punishable deed in the eyes of God.

4. As the curse took its effect, Anjana did really turn into a monkey. She was so frightened that she started running away from the monkey sage. As she grew quite tired Anjana decided to rest under the shade of a banyan tree.

5. When Anjana woke up from her deep slumber she noticed a Shivling under the banyan tree. Remembering the curse of the sage, Anjana decided to devote her life to the worship of Lord Shiva in the hope that she would be forgiven.

6. For three long years Anjana began to meditate constantly without any food, water or rest. Impressed with her dedicated penance, Lord Shiva gave a boon to Anjana that she would bear the son of Vayu. Her curse would be lifted once she gave birth.

7. Vayu carried king Dasharath’s magic pudding from Ayodha and dropped it on Anjana’s lap. Anjana broke her fast by eating this pudding. After eating it she was informed that she would soon give birth to Vayu’s son, who would also be a monkey.

8. Soon Hanuman was born. Anjana informed little Hanuman that he was an Avatar of Lord Shiva and that Vayu was his father. Soon after that she turned into her Apsara form and flew to heaven. Hanuman was sad when his mother left him but Vayu comforted him and promised to fulfill all of Hanuman’s wishes.

Story Of Lord Hanuman

After victory Lord Rama returns to Ayodhya and decides to ceremoniously reward all his well- wishers.

Seeing Hanuman come up to him, an emotionally overwhelmed Rama embraces him warmly, declaring that he could never adequately honour or repay Hanuman for the help and services he received from him.

Sita ji , however, insists that Hanuman deserved honor more than anyone else, and asks him to seek a gift. Upon Hanuman's request, Sita ji gives him a necklace of precious stones adorning her neck.

When he receives it, Hanuman immediately takes it apart, and peers into each stone. Taken aback, many of those present demands to know why he was destroying the precious gift. Hanuman answers that he was looking into the stones to make sure that Rama and Sita are in them, because if they are not, the necklace is of no value to him.

At this, a few mock Hanuman, saying his reverence and love for Rama and Sita could not possibly be as deep as he was portraying. One of them asks Hanuman what about his own body, if that contains Lord Ram in it.

In response, Hanuman tears his chest open, and everyone is stunned to see Rama and Sita literally in his heart. This shows the love and affection of Lord Hanuman towards Lord Ram-Sita ji.

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