God Photos: Beautiful Dwarkadhish Temple Gujrat, Wallpapers Collection

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Beautiful Dwarkadhish Temple Gujrat, Wallpapers Collection

Dwarkanath Temple, nestled in the holy city of Dwarka, lies on the coast of river Gomti. Considered to be the ancient kingdom of Lord Shri Krishna, Dwarka is also home to a number of religious spots and temples.

It is said that the original temple was built by Lord Krishna's grandson, Vajranabha, who built it on top of the Lord's abode, Hari Griha. Since studies show that that the temple was built more than 2500 years ago, it became a part of the much revered Char Dham after Adj Guru Shankaracharya visited the site in the 8th century. A memorial set inside the temple recalls this visit.

During 1241 A.D, the temple was under attack by Mohammad Shah and some parts were destroyed in the process. The shrines dedicated to five Brahmins who fought to save the temple are enclosed within the vicinity. Though, the temple has been a reason for concern due to the innumerable attacks, there has never been much damage. The last attempted attack on the temple was in 1965 by the Pakistani Navy.

The Pushtimarg temple follows the Vaishnavik rules and guidelines by Swami Vallabhacharya with the main deity being Lord Krishna.

The limestone structure rises five storeys and is supported by 72 pillars with two entrances to the shrine. The southern gate or Swarga Dwar leads down steps to the holy Gomti river while the northern gate is called the Moksha Dwar or the Gate to Salvation which is accessible from the main market. Dynasties ruling the state have left their marks and symbols in the form of sculptures and carvings within the temple.

There exists a flag atop the temple which is made up of 52 yards of cloth and 52 smaller flags joined together. Carrying the symbol of the Sun and the Moon, the various colours symbolise the positives in life.

The Dwarkanath temple is situated on the Gomti creek in the city of Dwarka.

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  2. The main shrine of Dwarkadish temple in Gujarat has 72 pillars and is called the Jagat Mandir or Nija.


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