God Photos: How To Do Ghatsthapana On Navratri

Thursday, February 2, 2017

How To Do Ghatsthapana On Navratri

Navratri are the nine secret days dedicated to Maa Shakti. These days are spend in the devotion of Maa Durga to attain her blessings. During Navratri, Hindu vedic scriptures, such as Shrimad-Devi-Bhagwad and Shri Durgasaptshati, are recited to invoke the Goddess Durga during prayers and worship rituals. Magh Navratri is celebrated to propitiate the Shakti and get blessed by the prosperity, knowledge and wealth.

1) Start navratri preparation a few days ago. Clean your house properly.
2) Wake up early, clean and decorated the pooja room. Sprinkle ‘Gangajal’.
3) Place the idol or any image of Mata at puja place.
4) Place the kalash filled with clean or holy water in front of deity. You can use copper or silver or earthen pot.
5) Cover its top with mango or Ashoka leaves and place a coconut on the top.
6) Tie mauli (scared thread) around the neck of the kalash.
7) Collect some garden soil and make a bed for sowing grains. You can use any convenient utensil for this. Place some wheat or barley seeds.
8) Light a lamp every morning and evening. You can also keep it as ‘Akhand Jyot’.
9) Offer Chunari, flowers, incense sticks, paan, rice, tumerice, sindoor, chandan and other puja items to please Maa Durga.
10) Chant Mantras or simple recite 108 names of Maa Durga.
11) Offer prasad and do aarti of Goddess Durga. Play Garba and feel devoted to Maa durga.
12) Reciting Durga saptasati during Navratri is considered highly auspicious.

Importance Of Kalasha-
Kalasha –is considered as symbolic form of Maa Durga. It is a mark of purity and auspiciousness. Establishing Kalash in your home brings positivity and happiness.

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