Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Fullara, Attahasa Shakti Peeth

Maa Phullara or Fullara, Attahasa Shakti Peeth –

Attahas is a Sanskrit term which is derived from the words 'Atta' and 'Hasa' or laughter, which implies loud laughter. The temple is a significant Shakti Peetha and therefore an important place of worship of the 'Shakta' sect of the religion of Hinduism. A famous mythological legend states that the lips of Sati, (the daughter of Daksha) had dropped at this very spot where this temple has been constructed. The energy or 'Shakti' of this shrine is known as 'Phullara' and Kalabhairava is known as 'Vishvesh'. This temple is situated in the Katwa subdivision, Bardhaman district, West Bengal in the country of India.

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