Saturday, August 30, 2014

Seventh Day Of Navratri

The seventh manifestation of Mother Durga, worshipped on the seventh day of Navrartri, is Goddess Kalratri. She has a dark complexion, tousled hair and a valor posture. Having three eyes that shine intense and bright and dreadful flames originating from her breath; she is often depicted sitting on a donkey as she rides on “Gadarbh”. She is admired with name “Kalratri” because she represents herself as a death of “Kaal” appeared like a dark night for demons. She is also addressed with the name ‘Kali Maa’. Her huge red eyes, open red tongue and a sword in the hand fiercely demolish devils and devils. She holds a thorn-like weapon in her left upper hand which is made of iron and there is a dragger in the lower left hand. Her raised right hand holds a sparkling sword in her right hand battle all evil and always seems to grant boon to all worshippers while her right lower hand is in the pose of alleviating fears. Her upper right hand is in “Var Mudra” and lower right hand is in “Abhay Mudra”. According to a legend, Goddess Kalratri demolished the demon Raktabeej. It is believed that it is only Goddess Kalratri who could slay the extreme torment of devil Raktabeej. No one was able to kill Raktabeej as even one drop of his scattered blood used to form another embodiment of Raktabeej and the scattered blood produced other billions of Raktabeej. Maa Durga incarnated herself in Kalaratri and kept a Patra (vessel) to keep and imbibe entire blood of Raktabeej. Her severe violent appearance while destroying Raktabeej and other demons hugely petrified all organisms of the world. But still, she is a kind Goddess for her great devotees. However the appearance of Maa Kalratri is so dreadful but her grace is generous toward her devotees. She eliminates any kind of terror in the life of her devotee and assures them with the freedom from fear and sufferings. Hence, she is also known as ‘Shubhamkari’ – one who does well. Worshipping Maa Kalaratri gives abundant fruitful result to her devotees. With her grace, devotees get power, position and renowned status. She protects her devotees against evil influence of demons and wrong people. Worshiping her devotees get complete protection and long life. Maa Kalratri is worshipped to destroy suffering of evil influence from the life

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