Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Uppagudu Mahakali Temple Wallpapers Gallery Hyderabad

The Uppuguda Mahankali Temple Is the Very Oldest Temple in Oldcity Hyderabad, Telangana Region of Andhra Pradesh. People of uppuguda say that Temple was established 70 years back Then uppuguda use to be a very small village with 500 population. Patels and patwaries used to rule the village. There were 7 other small Ammavaru Temples consting they are the sisters of Mahankali Ammavaru Errapochamma, Urapochamma, Nallapochamma.
There is a saying that in 1869, when plague hit the city of Hyderabad many people lost there life’s, people thought the epidemic was a result of the 'Goddess' anger, and initiated the Bonalu festival to pacify Mahankali Ammavaru.

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