God Photos: Eighth Day Of Navratri


Saturday, August 30, 2014

Eighth Day Of Navratri

Goddess Gauri

The eight manifestation of Goddess Durga is Maha Gauri, worshipped on the eighth day of Navaratri. Maha Gauri is a manifestation is of Goddess Parvati. When Parvati observed a hard sacrament to obtain Lord Shiva in the forest of Himalayas, she developed a dark complexion. When Lord Shiva accepted her great devotion, he washed the body of Parvati with water of “pure Gange”s or “Ganga” and her body regained its beauty. She came to be recognized as “Maha Gauri”, meaning “extremely white” and became prominent as the consort of Mahadev(Lord Shiva). Devi Gauri is bright, peaceful and calm and her beauty glows like sparkling White Pearl. She is depicted sitting on a bull (Vrishabha) and has four arms. Her right hand is in the pose of alleviating fear and her right lower hand holds a trident. She holds a ‘damaru’ (a small drum) in her right hand while the lower one grants boons to her devotees. Elucidation of her grace is infinite. Maha Gauri is the true Goddess of kindness and morality. Devotion toward Maha Gauri is truly beneficial and her worshippers are never returned with empty hands from sanctuary of Goddess Gauri. Her power is certain and instantly fruitful. As a result of her worship, all sins and sufferings of the devotee get vanished and he gets purified in all aspects of life. With the blessing of this deity, worshipper gets the divine perfection of Universe. She advocates her devotees toward the path of truth and purity. The devotees of Maa Gauri should devote her with full dedication and they attain loyalty and life-long relationships. Observing the fast, especially for unmarried girls and married woman, on Ashtami is really fruitful. The unmarried girls get blessed with the desired husband and married women enjoy peaceful, pleasant and long married life.

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