God Photos: Gangeshwar Temple Beautiful Wallpapers Collection

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Gangeshwar Temple Beautiful Wallpapers Collection

Gangeshwar Temple

Located in the beach haven of Diu, Gangeshwar Temple is soaked in absolute peace and serenity. Dedicated to the destroyer and transformer in the Hindu trinity, Lord Shiva, the temple is considered to be a must-visit for locals and tourists alike.
Take a break from your beach excursions and make time for a little peaceful retreat in this holy temple. With a stunning idol of Lord Shiva, the temple also features five lingams said to be placed there by the Pandavas during their exile.
The lingams are beautifully nestled between numerous rocks and are regularly washed by the waves from the sea. The cave temple exudes powerful energy and is much revered by devotees of the mighty Lord Shiva from around the world.
If you are visiting during high tide, you may only be able to view the tip of the lingams as they are submerged under water. The stunning natural beauty surrounding the temple takes one into a different world altogether. If this be your first visit to Diu, do pay this beautiful temple a visit.
The Gangeshwar Temple is situated at a distance of three kilometres from Diu near the Fudam village of Daman and Diu, near the sea shore.

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