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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Radha Krishna Beautiful Photos, Pictures

Radharani is also known as Sarva-kanti, which indicates that all beauty and luster rest in Her body. All the Lakshmis derive their beauty from Her. Sarva-kanti also means that all the desires of Lord Krishna rest in Radha. As Lord Krishna enchants the world with His beauty and charm, Sri Radha, on the other hand, enchants Him. If He is the mesmeriser, Madana Mohana, then She is Madana Mohana Mohini; the mesmeriser of the mesmeriser. Sri Radha is the full power, and Lord Krishna is the possessor of full power. Thus, the two are non-different, as the sunshine is non-different from the sun, or as the energy is non-different from the energetic or source of energy.

In this way, without Radharani there is no meaning to Krishna and without Krishna there is no meaning to Radharani. Because of this, one always pay respects first to the Lord's internal energy in the form of Radharani, and then to the Lord. She is the mediator without whom access to Krishna is not possible. Thus They are referred to as Radha-Krishna. In this way, Radha and Krishna are one, but when Lord Krishna wants to enjoy, He manifests Himself as Radharani. Otherwise, there is no energy in which Krishna can attain pleasure outside Himself.


1] Radha

2] Gandharvika

Gandharvika, she who is expert in singing and dancing

3] Gosthayuva-rajaika-kamita

The only girl desired by the prince of Vraja,

4] Gandharva radhika

Who is worshipped by the Gandharva-angels,

5] Candrakantir

Whose luster is like the moon,

6] Madhava-sangini

Who accompanies Madhava.

7] Damodaradvaita-sakhi

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