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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Shree Venkateshwara Swami Temple History

The Tirupati Balaji or Shree Venkateshwara Swami temple is one of the most pivotal landmarks of the Hindu mythology, holding a magnificent position in the Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh.

Once, Rishis headed by Kasyapa began to perform a sacrifice (yaga) on the banks of the Ganges. Sage Narada visited them at that time and asked them to tell him why they were performing the sacrifice and who would be pleased by it. Not being able to answer the question the Rishis approached Sage Bhrigu.Narada gave an idea to Rishi Bhrigu to test all the three supreme Gods. Rishi Bhrigu decided to go to each Lord and test them. But when he went to Lord Bramha and Lord Shiva both of them did not noticed Rishi Bhrigu which made Rishi Bhrigu angry. At last he went to Lord Vishnu and he also didn’t noticed Rishi Bhrigu, this made Rishi angry and he kicked Lord Vishnu’s chest. In spite of getting angry Lord Vishnu massaged Rishi’s foot and asked whether he is hurt or not. This gave the answer to Rishi Bhrigu and he decided that the fruits of Yagya will always be dedicated to Lord Vishnu.

But this incident of kicking Lord Vishnu’s chest made Mata Lakshmi angry, she wanted Lord Vishnu to punish Rishi Bhrigu, but this didn’t happened. As a result she left Vaikuntha and came to earth to go on a penance and started meditating at Karavirapura (which is now known as Kolhapur in Maharashtra).

Moved by this incident Lord Vishnu became very sad in Vaikuntha and left Vaikuntha one day in search of Mata Lakshmi and wandered various forests and hills. But he was not able to find Mata Lakshmi. Lord Vishnu started living in an ant hill as his shelter and this ant hill was in Venkatadri.

Lord Shiva and Lord Bramha decided to help Lord Vishnu. So they converted into a cow and a calf and went to Mata Lakshmi. Lord Sun told Mata Lakshmi about the scenario and asked her to give the cow and calf to the chola kings.

Chola king sent their cattle to venkatadri mountains for grazing. Cow started emptying her udder on the ant hill and started feeding the Lord Vishnu. But one day the cow was spotted by the cowherd. He threw his axe to hit the cow out of anger and Lord Vishnu saved the cow by taking the attack on him and was hurt. When cowherd saw that Lord Vishnu was bleeding he died on the spot.

The Chola King was also cursed by Vishnu to become a Demon, because of the sin committed by his servant. King pleaded for mercy and innocence. Then Lord Vishnu told him that he will be born as Akasa Raja in his next birth and the curse will end when Vishnu will be presented the crown from Akasa Raja during Vishnu’s marriage with Padmavathi.

Lord Vishnu incarnated himself as srinivasa and lived on the Venkatadri mountain and was looked after by Vakula Devi his mother. After some time Akasa Raja was also born but he didn’t had any children. One day while ploughing the fields he found a baby girl on the lotus flower, he named her Padmavati.

One day Srinivasa was on a hunting spree and was chasing an elephant. But elephant reached a garden where Padmavati was playing with her friends. Elephant threatened all; Srinivasa saved everyone there in the garden. Srinivasa was enthralled by the beauty of Padmavati and also enquired about her. He told his mother Vakula Devi that he wanted to marry Padmavati. Also revealed that he is Lord Vishnu and Vakula Devi was Mata Yashoda (Krishna’s mother) in her previous birth. He also stated that he would not be calmed until and unless he marries Padmavati.

Vakula Devi went to King Akasa Raja with a marriage proposal. On the way Vakula Devi also found that Padmavati was also in love with Srinivasa through her maids and have fallen ill due to love. When Akasa Raja came to know about this he consulted rishi Brihaspati for this marriage. Brihaspati narrated that Padmavati was born to marry Lord Vishnu in this birth. All were very happy and the marriage was fixed.

Srinivasa also borrowed money from Kubera (The Lord of wealth) to conducted grand wedding celebration of two celestial bodies.

When Maha Lakshmi (who was in a penance in Kolhapur) came to know about Lord Vishnu’s remarriage, she decided to confront him as disbelief. When Srinivasa confronted Maha Laxmi and Padmavati together at one place (both were his wife), he converted himdelf into a granite rock statue (Lord Venkateswara). Then Lord Shiva and Lord Bramha came and explained that because of welfare and emancipation of people in Kaliyuga Lord Vishnu did all this leela. After knowing that Lakshmi and Padmavati also decided to stay there with Lord Venkateswara. Mata Lakshmi stayed on the left chest of Lord Vishnu and Padmavati on the right chest.

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