God Photos: Lord Trilokinath Temple, Himachal Pradesh


Saturday, July 7, 2018

Lord Trilokinath Temple, Himachal Pradesh

The Trilikonath ji Temple is a famous Hindhu temple. The Trilikonath ji Temple is a medieval shrine, located the left bank of the River Chenab.

Trilokinath temple is one of the oldest temple.The temple also has typical architecture and sculptural creativity statues of 'Narda' and 'Sharda' and many Hindu gods & goddess.These are also revered along with the main God Trilokinath.

The tower of Triloknath temple is made from stone. Triloknath Temple is famous for its debilitated carvings,gracing the inner walls and doors. In temple's courtyard there is a tiny stone Nandi and a granite Shiva Linga like Phallus, indicative representation of Lord Shiva. There are two brilliantly carved stone pillars on each side of the door.That is called as the pillars of Dharma (Good) and Paap (Evil). This temple is considered both for the Hindus and Buddhists.Tibetan prayer flags,built in pagoda style of architecture,deck the entrance of the temple.

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