God Photos: Ketheeswaram Temple , Sri Lanka

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Ketheeswaram Temple , Sri Lanka

The Ketheeswaram temple, also known as Tirukketisivaram, is a Sri Lankan Hindu temple with a two and a half millennia long tradition as a place of Shiva worship, even claiming to be more ancient than the Sinhalese and Buddhist era of the island. Tirukketisvaram (there are many diffferent English spellings) is situated in Mannar district, but on the Sri Lanka's mainland, opposite to Mannar island. The temple was rebuilt 1903 after being destroyed by the Portuguese invaders and religious fanatics in 1575. King Ravana's wife Manthodari is believed to have been from this town, and her father is said to have built the temple. Another legend has it that the planetary god Ketu worshipped Shiva in this shrine, this is why it is called "Keteeshwaram".

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