God Photos: Kandaswamy Temple, Nallur, Sri Lanka

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Kandaswamy Temple, Nallur, Sri Lanka

The historic Kandaswamy Temple in Nallur, not far away from Jaffna's town centre, is dedicated to Lord Murugan in the form of the divine spear Vel, a well-known symbol of Tamil religiousness. Founded in the 10th century this Skanda Temple was enlarged during the 13th to 15th century when Jaffna was a major principality of the island, particularly under Chempaha Perumal, who later on became the Sinhalese king Bhuvenaikabahu VI. in Kotte. The original Nallur temple was destroyed by Portuguese invadors and replaced by a church. But within the former temple premises, called Kurukkal Valavu, the current temple building was erected in 1749, during the Dutch colonial period. Nallur is renowned for the strict discipline, order and timing of its puja ceremonies and became a landmark of Tamil Hindu cultural pride.

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