Monday, June 29, 2015

Varadvinayak Temple Mahad Beautiful Wallpapers, Photos

Mahad is a pretty village set in the hilly region of Konkan in the Raigarh district and the Khalapur Taluka of Maharastra.Lord Ganesha as Varad Vinayak fulfills all desires and grants all boons. This region was known as Bhadrak or Madhak in ancient times. The Original Idol of Varad Vinayak can be seen outside the sanctum. Both Idols are located in two corners- the Idol on the left is smeared in vermillion with its trunk turned left, and the idol on the right is made of white marble with its trunk turned to the right . The sanctum is made of stone and is surronded by beautiful stone elephant carving which house the idol. Two stone idols of Riddhi & Siddhi can also be seen in the sanctum.
A nandadeep has been lit in this Ashtavinayak temple which has been continuously lit since the 1892.

History Of Mahad Temple-
It was said that Prince Rukmangad was cursed by Mukunda and he died. Lord Indra and Mukunda's son Grutsamad when came real story then he cursed Mukunda. In turn Mukunda cursed Grutsamad to have demon child, that child was Tripurasur. Grutsamad worshipped lord Ganesha and that place lord Ganesha resides in the form of Varada Vinayaka.

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