Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Significance Of Kartik Montha And Kartik Snaan

With the beginning of the Kartik month, a tradition of Kartik Snan also begins every year. Men and Women go for holy baths during this period. Kartik Purnima is considered to be very important during Kartik month. It is believed that Lord Vishnu also incarnated as Matsya on the day of Kartik Purnima. Taking a bath in river Ganga and donating lamps is considered to be very sacred in this day. A person can also donate as per his wishes.

A person should take bath early in the morning. He should fast and worship Lord Vishnu. A bath is the river Ganga is also considered to be sacred on this day. People who are unable to take a bath in river Ganga, often visit any water body in their vicinity. Lamps are lit in the evening near temples, crossroads, lanes, pipal trees, tulsi plants etc. A lantern is tied on bamboo sticks and is pointed towards the sky. Mostly women keep this fast.

A person keeping a fast on this day should feed a Brahman. A havan should also be performed. Lamps should be lit in the evening. Donations should also be made to various Brahmanas. At night, the six different Kritikas should be worshipped which are Shiva, Preeti, Sambhuti, Anusuya, Kshama and Santati. A buffalo should be donated on this day after the worship. Doing this opens the doors of Shivalok for a person. People who take baths in a holy river on this day are considered to be very fortunate.

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