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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Lord Brahma History And Wallpapers

Lord Brahma History-

Brahma was, along with Vishnu and Shiva, one of the three main gods of Hinduism. Vishnu came first, according to Hindu stories, and then Brahma was born out of Vishnu's belly-button. In Hindu thought, Brahma was the creator god, while Vishnu preserved the universe and Shiva was the destroyer.

In the beginning of time, Brahma wanted to create the world. So he divided himself into a girl half, called Gayatri, and a boy half, and together they made the world. Gayatri didn't want to have anything to do with her father/brother Brahma, and ran away from him, but Brahma made himself have heads looking in every direction so she couldn't get away - that's why you see him here with four heads. People said that the Rig Veda and other sacred Hindu texts came out of Brahma's heads.

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