Sunday, September 7, 2014

Shri Adishwara temple Gujrat Latest Image Gallery

Adiswara Temple

Palitana is renowned for its magnificent and extraordinary Jain Temple complex which is situated on Satrunjay Hill. The Adiswara Temple is part of this complex, famous with tourists from India and abroad equally.
According to the legend, the temples were constructed to honour 24 Tirthankara. Though each temple is distinct, the Adiswara Temple is a masterpiece in itself and is the main attraction of this holy place. This temple dates back to the 16th century and was made in honour of Adinath, the first Tirthankara. It is believed that Adinath visited this place 99 times, and then the first temple was constructed by his son. It is also said that Adinath attained enlightenment here.
Major attraction
The Adiswara temple has a large idol of Lord Rishabhadeva. The idol is decorated with gold and other ornamental jewels. The roof and the pillars inside the temple are decorated with intricately cut marble in the shape of dragons.
The most amazing part of this pilgrimage is that you have to climb around 3500 stairs, which finally lead to the top most part of the hill where the famous temples stand tall. For youngsters this would be a great adventure in itself, but for elderly this could be very tiring. There are numerous various locals who earn their living by renting out string chairs, also known as dholi, at a price of Rs 500 round trip. During the festive season the prices go up to Rs 1000.
There are a few strict rules which need to be followed, tourist are not allowed to carry any eatables during the trip. You can only eat before or after the trip. No leather articles and photography is allowed, you can keep your valuables at the entrance. Nobody is allowed to remain on the hill at night. You have to finish your journey before the night.

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