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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Pura Tanah Lot Temple Wallpapers Gallery

Pura Tanah Lot Temple
Pura Tanah Lot stands on a rock some distance from the shore, towering over the sea. Access to the temple is limited to low tide; even so, this picturesque temple is barraged by visitors.
The temple's construction was supposedly inspired by the priest Nirartha in the 15th century; after spending the night on the rock outcrop where the temple now stands, he instructed local fishermen to build a temple on that site. Today, Tanah Lot is regarded as one of Bali's most important directional temples. A multimillion-dollar restoration effort in the 1990s saved Tanah Lot from falling into the sea.
As one of Bali's most popular temples, Tanah Lot is surrounded by crowds and vendors. Do not visit if it's peace and quiet you're after, but do come if you're after a great sunset view.

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