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Deewali Pooja Vidhi, Deewali Pooja Wallpapers

Importance of Diwali Puja

Diwali is considered to be very Auspicious Festival For Hindus. Diwali Puja on the proper timing i.e. on proper Muhurat fills one’s life with prosperity and happiness. Diwali Puja surpasses all the darkness in one’s life as this day is considered to be the end of evilness. It also makes the individual’s conscious of one’s true nature endless, ageless and of inspiring reality. After the holy Puja of Goddess Laxmi people light the diyas, crackers in order to enjoy the returning ceremony of Lord Rama.

How to do Diwali Puja Before the Puja whole house is being cleaned properly as this invites Goddess Laxmi to the house. Three forms of Shakti Goddess Saraswati, Goddess Laxmi, Goddess Durga, Lord Ganesha are being worshipped. All the gold and money are being kept in Puja and is being worshipped. The main Puja is the Laxmi Puja and is performed in the evening or in the night in a very traditional manner to get the best results.

Procedure and Significance of Diwali Puja Procedure to start Diwali Puja starts with the spreading of clean cloth and a bed of rice on it. Kalash pot filled about by 75% of water, betel nut, flower, coin and rice is placed on rice bed. Now the mango leaves is placed around the Kalash. Put the plate on Kalash and draw lotus with turmeric powder and place the idols of God. Put some coins on the thali and sprinkle the water on puja items to purify them. Light the lamp and recite the mantra using flower and rice.

Diwali festival keeps the very prominent place in one’s life and therefore is being celebrated with full of light and joy. The reason behind the celebration of Diwali festival is Lord Rama returned Ayodhya on this day after completing 14 years of vanvas. Lighting the lamp symbolizes the destruction of evil feeling, anger, violence, greed, fear, injustice etc. through knowledge power.

Benefits of Diwali Puja Doing the sacred Diwali puja has many benefits in one’s life like to maintain the peace, health, wealth and prosperity in the life.

Diwali Puja Mantra Om hrim shrim klim mahalakshmi, mahasaraswati mamgruhe aagach-aagach hrim namah
Maa Durga Mantra Om ain hreen kleen chaamunnddaayai vichche Om.
Maha Laxmi Mantra- Om Shree mahaalachmyai ch vidamahe visshnnu pat’n’yai ch dheemahi tan’no lachhmee prachodayaat Om.

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