God Photos: Harsiddhi Shakti Peeth, Ujjain

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Harsiddhi Shakti Peeth, Ujjain

Shri Harsiddhi Temple is one of the 51 Shaktipeeths of Mata Sati.The form of elbow of Mata Sati fell down at this place of Ujjain. Since then Maa Harsiddhi enshrined here in the form of a temple.The temple is situated in between Mahakal in the east and Ramghat in the west. Harsiddhi Shaktipeeth of Ujjain which is congregated with devotees all year round is a big source of energy and power. This place is of special significance for Tantra performers and Yogis that is also mentioned in the spiritual and mythological history of Ujjain.The festival of Navratri is celebrated here with great splendour and belief. Maa Harsiddhi fulfills the desires of all those devotees and pilgrims who come into the temple with full faith and paid their deep obeisance to the divine mother.Harsiddhi Mandir is situated at Harsiddhi marg near Mahakal temple.

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