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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Lord Krishna Childhood Stories

In today’s world, life has become stressful, hence it has become necessary for all of us to become like Lord Krishna to live a blissful life. For developing and sustaining these values and virtues in life, we need internal power of soul. This can be achieved by reveiving power and knowledge of peace, purity, knowledge, power and love. From the ‘Meditation’ we can receive the power and spiritual knowledge.

Today we are here to share some beautiful Stories About Lord Krishna, you may like it.

Story No. 1

Krishna And Putana

Kansa, the evil uncle of Krishna had told Putana-the female demon, to kill baby Krishna. Putana disguised herself as a cowherdess & went to Gokul. After killing many babies by feeding them with her poisoned milk, she entered Krishna‟ house. Krishna knew her real form . He sucked so hard that he extracted Putana‟s life along with the milk.Before dying ,Putana assumed her original form & died. The Gopis with Rohini and Yasoda came rushing to the spot and took up the child, which was playing fearlessly on the body of Putana who was freed from her sins as she had offered to give milk to the Lord. So no matter how powerful evil is, it always gets defeated by the Good.

Story No. 2 The Killing of Trinavarta

One day Yasoda was fondling the child on her lap. Suddenly Krishna became very heavy like a rock. She was not able to bear the weight of the child and so she left the child on the ground and proceeded to do some household work. A demon Trinavarta by name, a servant of Kamsa, carried away the child in the form of a whirlwind at the instigation of Kamsa. The whole Gokula was wrapped in dust and darkness for sometime. The demon reached the sky but he was not able to proceed further on account of the heaviness of Krishna. The child gripped his neck tightly and the demon was strangled. He became powerless and could not throw down the wonder-child. He fell breathless from the sky with all his limbs shattered on the stones below. The Gopis and the Gopas saw Krishna lying unscathed and happy on the chest of the dead Asura and became immensely happy. They restored the child to Yasoda.

Story No.3 Lord Krishna Mata Yashoda

One day Balarama and the other boys complained to Yasoda that Krishna had eaten dirt. Yasoda got afraid that this might affect Sri Krishna‟s health. She rebuked Krishna, “O my naughty child! Why did you eat earth in secret?” Sri Krishna replied, “O mother! I did not eat earth. These boys have told a lie. Examine my mouth.” Yasoda said, “Open your mouth, my child!” Sri Krishna opened His mouth. Therein she saw the whole universe of animate and inanimate things, the sky, the cardinal points, the mountains, continents, seas, the whole earth, air, fire, the sun, the moon and the stars, the seven Dvipas, the planets, the Devas, the mind, the senses, the three Gunas and their modifications, the Jiva, Karma and its seeds, even Brindavan and herself. She was amazed, and began to reflect thus, “Is this a dream or a strange vision of God‟s illusion or does my child possess any inborn Yogic powers?” She said, “Salutations to the Lord, I take shelter under Him whose Maya produces the wrong notions—This is Nanda, my husband. This is my son. I am Yasoda. This is mine.” She had the true knowledge, but she lost her memory of the vision by the Yoga Maya of the Lord. She again knew Krishna to be her own son and placed him on her lap.

Story No. 4

One day Krishna heard a woman shouting, “O people! Purchase fruits.” He quickly took a handful of grain and hastened to her side to get some fruits, though He is the Lord who confers all fruits of all works and worship. The woman filled both his hands with fruits and in return took the grain and put it in her basket. Her basket became full of gems and precious stones.

Story No. 5

The story of Krishna, and Kaliya the serpent is very well known. Kaliya, a naga (a serpent), had been occupying the river Yamuna and its banks.It had poisoned the waters of the Yamuna and also dried the forests nearby by the poison airs breathed by it. Krishna jumped into the water to kill the serpent. He was coiled around by Kaliya, the serpent king and he lay at the bottom of the river. But then he soon was reminded of his divine powers and exercising his powers he uncoiled himself from the serpent and danced on the head of the serpent and wanted to kill it. But on request from the wives of Kaliya, he left it alone and asked them all to leave the shores of Yamuna. So they left. Yamuna and its shores .

Story No. 6

One day Krishna and the other boys were playing when they encountered a huge cave. This cave was Putana’s demon brother Aghasura who was waiting there in the form of a huge snake. His mouth was the cave entrance. Hot air and fish like smell was coming from the cave. The boys became curious and went in. Krishna knew who it really was but after sometime he followed them in. The demon was waiting for this moment and as soon as Krishna entered he snapped his jaws shut. When that happened Krishna expanded his body and choked the demon to death. He showed his grace by saving his friends and providing liberation to the demon.

Story No. 7

Once Krishna and Balarama were playing with other cowherd boys and tending the calves on the bank of the Yamuna. An Asura assumed the form of a calf and got mixed among the herd. He had the evil intention of killing Krishna and Balarama. Krishna discovered the Asura in the form of a calf in the midst of his calves and pointed him out to Balarama. Then He silently approached the demon. He caught him by the hind legs and tail and whirled him round and round his head and struck him against a tree. The Asura died. The cowherd boys praised Sri Krishna and shouted, “Well done, well done.” The Devas showered flowers on Sri Krishna.

Story No. 8

Krishna had many women disciples, but one favourite, Radha. Each disciple said to herself, "Krishna loves me more than anyone else." Still, because Krishna often talked to Radha, the others were envious of her. Noticing their jealousy, he wanted to teach them a lesson. So one day Krishna feigned a terrible headache. The anxious desciples expressed their great concern over the master's distress.

At last Krishna said, "The headache will go away if one of you will stand on my head and massage it with your feet." The horrified devoteed exclaimed, "We can not do this. You are god, the Lord of the Universe. It would be highest sacrilege to dare to descrete your form by touching your sacred head with our feet."

The master was pretending an increase in his pain when Radha came on the scene. She ran to her Lord, saying, "What can I do for you?" Krishna made the same request of her that he made of the other devotees. Radha immediately stood on his head; the master's "pain" disappeared, and he fell asleep. The other disciples angrily dragged Radha away from the sleeping Lord. "We will kill you" , they threatened.

"But why?"

"You dare to step on the head of the master?"
"What of it?", Radha protested. "Did it not free him from his pain?"
"For such a sacrilegious act you will go to the lowest stratum of hades."
"Oh, is that what you are worrying about?" Radha smiled. "I would gladly live there forever if it would make him happy for a second"
Then they all bowed to Radha. They understood why Krishna favoured her; for Radha alone had no thought for herself, but only for her Lord's comfort.

Story No. 9

One morning, the Krishna and Uddhava went on a walk and they come across a rich man's mansion. Krishna said he was thirsty and asked Uddhava to fetch him some water from the rich man's house. Uddhava went to the house and asked for water. The man of the house invited them in, received them with respect and offered them cool refreshments. Krishna was pleased and, once they went out, he blessed the man with prosperity and even more riches.

They continued on their walk and came across a small hut, with a cow grazing in the background. Krishna again said he is thirsty and asked Uddahava to ask for water. Uddhava was suspicious that Krishna was up to his usual tricks but was reassured by Krishna that there was nothing amiss. Uddhava went and knocked on the door. An old ascetic opened the door and invited them in. When Uddhava told him that his friend is thirsty, the ascetic said regretfully that 'there was nothing in the house to offer' them. The yogi then exclaimed that his one dear possession, the cow, will not let him down. He milked the cow and offered fresh milk to his guests. Krishna gulped it down with enjoyment and thanked him.

They walked out and Krishna's hands moved up in blessing, "May the old yogi's cow die!" A shocked Uddhava found this difficult to comprehend. He questioned Krishna, asking him why the punishment when the yogi offered them the best he could. Krishna laughed and said that his blessings are always true and is based on the need of the individual and not on his 'desire' or 'want'. He went on to explain that the yogi was on the verge of reaching Him but his remaining attachment to his cow prevented him from attaining Mukti, the Ultimate Truth.

Story No. 10

Lord Krishna And Sudama Best Friendship Story

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