God Photos: Lord Jagannath Temple, Hyderabad

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Lord Jagannath Temple, Hyderabad

The Jagannath Temple in Hyderabad, India is a modern temple built by the Odia community of the city of Hyderabad dedicated to the Hindu God Jagannath. The temple located near Banjara hills Road no.12 (twelve) in Hyderabad is famous for its annual Rathyatra festival attended by thousands of devotees. Jagannath means Lord of the Universe. The temple which was constructed during 2009 recently lies in Center of Hyderabad City.

Source- wikipedia.org

The most attracting portion of this temple is its "Shikra" (the peak/top) measuring around 70 feet in height (shown on the first pic). The red color it has got is due to the usage of sand stone (around 600 tonnes were brought from Orissa which is being used to build this whole architecture) and around 60 stone carvers got the blessing to carve this temple. Main attraction of Koraput is the Jagannath temple. Located at top of a small hill this temple is the replica of Lord Jagannath temple of Puri. Must Read

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