God Photos: Lord Murugan Temple, Tiruchendur


Thursday, July 28, 2016

Lord Murugan Temple, Tiruchendur

The Tiruchendur temple is an impressive shore temple dedicated to Lord Subramanya. It is one of the six Aarupadai veedu shrines of Murugan while the other five 'Padaiveedu' shrines are situated on hills or mounds. There are several literary works singing the glory of Tiruchendur. The temple also offers a spectacular sight with a mystical aura having the sea at the backdrop.

According to legends this temple is said to have been formed when Lord Kartikeya halted at Tiruchendur on his way to kill the demon Surapadmam. At Tiruchendur he desired to have a temple to worship Siva and a temple was constructed on the seashore. The temple may also be considered as a commemoration of victory over Surapadman. In the course of the years the temple had many additions and alterations done by the Chera and the Pandya kings and other administrators from time to time. One significant feature of the temple is that the Gopuram is in the west when normally Gopurams are in the East. It is a nine storied structure. There are scenes depicted in the gopuram which are taken from its history. There are three circular corridors round the temple and several shrines in them for Gods. A lot of festivals are celebrated here throughout the year and the temple is very rich through its cash offerings from pilgrims.

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