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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Significance Of Shravan Month

The churning of oceans “Samudra Manthan” between Dev (Demi-Gods) and Danav (Demons) took place in the month of Shravan, fourteen different types of rubies came out. Thirteen of these were distributed amongst the Dev and Danav’s, except Halahal (poison). Hindu God Shiva drank the Halahal and stored it in his throat. Hence the name Neelkantha (meaning blue throat) is attributed to Shiva.

To reduce the strong effect of poison, Lord Shiva wore the crescent moon on his head. All the Devs (Demi-Gods), thereafter started offering the Ganges water to Lord Shiva to reduce the effect of poison.

Ever since, this event too place in the month of Shravan, all devotees offer the Ganges water to Lord Shiva especially during this month.

It is highly auspicious to wear a Rudrakash in Shravan Month. As, Mondays or Somvars of Shravan month are specially observed with austerity. All Mondays are devoted to the worship of Shiv as this day is sacred to Lord Shiv. No other Mondays of other months are so greatly honoured.

The month of Shravan has a special significance and its own ritual

Monday: is the day of Lord Shiva worship.
Tuesday: Gauri is worshipped in every home, by women for the good health of their family.
Wednesday: are dedicated to Vithala, a form of Vishnu or Krishna.
Thursday: are also days for worshipping Buddh and Guru.
Friday: every home worships Lakshmi and Tulsi.
Saturday: are for Saturn (Shani). It is also known as Shravan Saturdays, with the object of object of obtaining wealth. These days are known as Sampat Sanivara (wealth Saturdays).
Sundays: are meant worshipping the Sun god. Sun worship was general in the Vedic period and even now it is so. Especially in Shravan, every Sunday the Sun is worshipped without fail.
Worship of Lord shiva in Somwar (monday) in shrawan Month
- We should bath before some visible light appears in morning which mean we should bath before sunrise. We should be pure and we should make our pooja Ghar Clean (worship room).
- Start your morning puja in house. And go to shiva temple to worship god shiva. Before going temple take necessary things which you need like Jal,some fruits,flower, tilak (akshyata) etc.

- If you are fasting on monday or whole month. If you are fasting you Should not take food in day and night times in fasting time in every monday of Shravan month. We should not take salt and any thing. Before fasting consult your family and pujari(priest) about what to eat and what to not eat in fasting of monday.
- Lord shiva favourite flower and leaves names is Belpatra leaves,dhaturo flower,Syoula,Rudraksha leaves. We can buy bel leaves and other flower in temple if it is not available in your home.

Somvar Vrat Katha

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