God Photos: Maha Ganpati Temple Ranjangaon Wallpapers, Photos


Thursday, July 9, 2015

Maha Ganpati Temple Ranjangaon Wallpapers, Photos

The Maha Ganpati at Ashtavinayak is the most powerful representation of Hindu Elephant God Lord Ganesha. Maha Ganpati is depicted as having eight, ten or twelve arms. It is after invoking this form of Ganpati that Shiva vanquished the demon Tripurasur and so he is also known as Tripurarivade Mahaganpati.
Ashtavinayaka or eight Ganeshas is located in Maharashtra state of India, The Ashtavinayaka yatra or pilgrimage tour covers the eight holy temples of Ganesha which are situated around Pune.
Legend has it that a demon by name Tripurasura,caused suffering to all beings in the heaven and on earth.On hearing the pleas of the Gods, Shiva intervened but he realized that he could not defeat the demon. Later on listening to Narad Muni's advice, Shiva salutedGanesha and then shot a single arrow which destroyed the demon and Tripura citadels. Shiva, the slayer of the Tripura citadels is enshrined at Bhimashankaram nearby. In South India,legend is commonly known as Ganesha broke the axle of Shiva's chariot since Shiva headed to battle the demon Tripurasura without saluting Ganesha Upon realizing his act of negligence, Shiva saluted his son Ganesha, and then proceded to battle against the powerful demon and achieved the victory.

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