Sunday, October 14, 2012

Beautiful Photos Collection Of Saptshringi Mata, Vani

Shree Saptshrungi Gad is situated at a distance of 60 km from Nashik. It is one of the most visited and religious places for pilgrims. As the temple is situated on a mountain, a regular bus service is provided from the foot of the mountain to the temple. Saptashringa Garh is a place where Goddess Bhagawati dwells. It is one of the most important of the places of Goddesses in Maharashtra. Saptashringa signifies seven mountain peaks. Nanduri village is situated at the foot of the Saptashringa Gad. In front of the temple there stands Markandeya Rishi's (sage) hill. The Saptashringa Gad is full of a variety of trees having medicinal worth. As per the story depicted in Ramayana, Hanuman carried the herbal medicine for wounded Laxmana from this hill. There are about 108 water reservoirs on the hill, known as Kundas.


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